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You can rely on Steve Ascah Plumbing for residential maintenance, such as:

Drain Cleaning

The most common plumbing maintenance needed by homes year round is drain cleaning. Over time hair, grease, food fats, oil, and other things can get stuck in your drains, which makes it important to keep them clean. Not only is it important to clean your drains so that water can flow properly through your pipes, but it also sanitizes them and prevents clogs that can cause much more damage.
Our electric drain cleaning service will have the water flowing fully again, getting rid of tough clogs that have been slowing things down.

Leaky Faucets, Showers & Sinks

Leaks are easy to spot if time is taken to look out for them. Small leaks may go unnoticed temporarily and cause water damage, mold, and mildew. By checking the outside of your pipes for water consistently, you can make the difference between replacing fixtures and possibly just needing to reseal a pipe.

Check the following for leaks regularly:
  • Faucets & Spigots
  • Garbage Disposal Units
  • Showers, Toilets, Bathtubs
  • Sink Strainers
  • Sink Top & Bottom
We can also assist with pipe system repairs, bathroom and kitchen repairs, and more!

Updating Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you’re upgrading from outdated fixtures for aesthetic reasons, or because of cracks and damage, Steve Ascah Plumbing can install them properly. From crack porcelain to leaking faucets and showers to old water-wasting toilets – we’ve seen it all. Start fresh with new fixtures, installed by licenced professionals! We can help you upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room to make sure it looks good and functions perfectly.

Plumbing Maintenance Benefits

Regular plumbing maintenance helps prevent emergencies that cause damage that will by costly to repair. Feel free to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 905-616-3693 if you would like to speak with us about any plumbing issues. We are happy to give you an estimate on your next plumbing repair, renovation project, or emergency plumbing service!

Steve Ascah Plumbing, Burlington
When it's time to schedule your residential plumbing maintenance and cleaning in Burlington, Ontario, call our expert technicians at Steve Ascah Plumbing.

Regular plumbing system maintenance helps prevent damage and costly repairs by ensuring your pipes are sealed properly and that your plumbing fixtures are functioning at their full capability.

Clogged drains and pipe bursts can sneak up on a home when it is least expected. At Steve Ascah Plumbing we build long-term relationships and we want to be your lifetime plumbers.

We're locally owned and operated, and always happy to serve our community!